Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Treasure Tuesday....

I have a big collection of (little) dolls... and I think I have enjoyed them more today than EVER!  (I'm glad I promised to share them with you - if I hadn't made that promise, well, I wouldn't have had so much fun today taking these pictures.)

Before I show you pictures from TODAY, let me show you 3 pictures of a little girl who enjoys my dolls, too!!!

That's Caroline!

She's a little doll herself, of course!

I'll explain the first one - because it's the very first one I got... and then I'll just post the pictures randomly. (You'll see a Japanese lady, a Russian lady, a little Dutch boy, a Barbie 'Maria' from THE SOUND OF MUSIC, a Madame Alexander 'Cyrano de Bergerac, a Spanish matador ... and many others.)

This first one is a doll from Italy and it was ordered off of a Chef Boyardee brochure that my mother got back in the late 50's when she bought us some spaghettios. Peggy and I spent quite a bit of time looking over the brochure picking which doll we each wanted. We were in the dining room of my Grandmother Ora's house in Oak Cliff/Dallas, and it was so fun. Here's the one I ordered...
She started it all!

Here are some more....

I'm sorry there's so much blank space... I still haven't gotten this picture-posting quite down yet.
Anyway, that gives you an idea of my doll collection.

I hope you enjoyed those pictures.

(I may do another blog post on my collection... because there are so many!!... but no promises.)

Have a great rest-of-the-week.

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Being Beth said...

I've always loved your doll collection. I too had a doll collection, but I played with mine. I wasn't supposed to, but I couldn't seem to not play with them. I still have the dolls, but they are slightly worn and packed away. My Madame Alexander dolls were my favorites.such pretty faces.

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