Monday, August 8, 2011

The water is flowing again...

... on my background. (Well, if you're seeing my blog today, Monday, Aug. 8, 2011.)

This weather is way too hot... and when I look back on this post, say, next January, I may remember this August with affection. But as it's happening now, UGH.

Well, this past week was eventful...
My friend Carla, and two of her kids, Dylan and Kenzie, came to see me.

We did many things, the most eventful being visiting the SEA LIFE AQUARIUM in the Grapevine Mills Outlet Mall.
Here's Kenzie in the 'middle of it!'...

And here are Carla, Kenzie and Dylan going through the sea tunnel...
That was the best part of the aquarium, in my opinion.
(The much-touted 'Shark Walk' was not so great.)

We also went to Bass Pro Shop, ate at Fuzzy's Tacos, and watched the movie SOUL SURFER - which was really good.
Oh, and before all that we ate in the tea room and we got to shop the antique mall.

Then they went home Thursday evening.

Then Friday morning the horrible happened.

Carla's dad died of a massive heart attack. (He's who I mentioned in the previous post.)
He was not young (at 70), but he seemed in good health and his death was just so unexpected that the family is still reeling. Tomorrow is the funeral, in Hewitt, TX.

Here is Tommy with his precious granddaughter,Kenzie...

I knew Tommy years ago at First Baptist Church, McAllen. What a wonderful man he was.
And to talk about him in the past tense is strange.

Life is so fragile we need to handle it with prayer.
For sure.


Laura said...

i didn't know grapevine mills had an AQUARIUM.

Nancy said...

Yes, Laura. Grapevine Mills has an aquarium as of just a few weeks ago!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I'm so sorry for Carla and her family. I'll keep them in my prayers.

I like Kenzie in the middle of the aquarium. ;)

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