Friday, September 2, 2011

It's Friday night...

...we're watching Baylor play TCU in Waco - on TV.
Right now Baylor is winning. Which is SO WONDERFUL!!! SIC' EM, BEARS!!!

I'm not a good football watcher, frankly.

When Laura was at Baylor I used my binoculars to watch the students - to find her. Sometimes I did. Sometimes I didn't.
Then I watched the cheerleaders.

I always looked forward to half-time.
Now my nephew Josh is playing at half-time.... but will they have him on TV???? Probably just commercials. Grr.

I went to Baylor back in the early 70's. It was fun... most days.
I decided not to pledge a sorority back then. Well, I thought I'd watch my twin pledge and then decide. Needless to say, I decided NOT to. (That's when I got my hair 'frosted' for the first time. I was stopped and 'reprimanded' that I hadn't talked to 'members'. HELLO? I'm not a pledge!! Turns out Peggy was sleeping late that Saturday morning - and given a black mark because I hadn't talked to members (while she was sleeping). That was the day I went and bought CLAIROL'S FROST AND TIP - and Rita (bless her heart) helped me frost my hair. (Thanks Rita Wright Gurian!)

Hmm.... Funny.... I'll blog to keep from watching the game.

Ah, but Baylor is still winning!!!
(That's pretty major..... since we're playing against Rob Carmack's (and Wendy Cavett's) team TCU!)

(Yes, a Carmack went to TCU.)

(New poll.)

Update: Baylor WON!!!!!


Deanna said...

I remember that frost job :-D Too funny about the "reprimand." But I never had any trouble telling the two of you apart. They just weren't paying attention!

Being Beth said...

that's hilarious about you getting a black mark for Peggy, and then frosting your hair.

I'm a fourth quarter football fan. If I'm at the game, I'm all about halftime - love the bands, especially A&M's band. Guess how I answered your poll, LOL!

Looking forward to next week!

Audrey said...

I began my university with a sorority but QUIT a couple months in when they told me I had to choose how I spent my time: (1) reading Shakespeare to a blind student or (2) hanging out with them at the sorority house. That's all I needed! No contest!

As you know I was raised UT...I would be a traitor if I voted for any other. Somehow I think my Dad would know!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

LOL, love the story about you being confused for Peggy...

Laura said...

You are better at keeping up with Baylor football than me!

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