Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Listenin' to the music...

Sam and I are on a road trip.

We've been driving around
our old stomping grounds
in Oklahoma.

All the while
we've been listening
to some great music:
The Eagles, Doobie Brothers,
Carly Simon, Carole King,
Darlene Zschech (Hillsong),
Creedence Clearwater Revival,
America, Bread, and many others.

It is so fun.

And when the weather hasn't been too warm, we've had the top down.
It is so fun.

I'll blog more about our trip soon.

(We drive home tomorrow.)

Right now I want to talk about the music.
THIS Friday night (Sept. 30)
- from 6 to 9 -
you can go to Central Market
in Southlake and hear (and see) SOUL SHAKE... LIVE!
They do a lot of the songs
we've listened to on our road trip.
And they (SOUL SHAKE) are GREAT!!
And I know them!!! Very well!!!

I'm the mother of one of them!!! (The lead guitar player.) (You'll know which one is my son, because the other guys, well, they look like his uncles.)(And the gals look like his aunts.)

SOUL SHAKE is a great group. Not just musically, but personally.

And they are so fun.

So this Friday night at Central Market in Southlake (6-9) - go and hear some great music... and have a nice meal, too. (Out on the 'patio' on the east side.) (Order food inside.)
And then you can pick up some groceries.

Click HERE to go to their Facebook page.
In closing, here's a quote I really like...

"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself."
—Abraham Maslow
(I put a new poll this morning.)


Susan said...

Thanks for the shout out Nancy!! Hope you can make it back in time to hear us! We sure are enjoying having Will in the band...He makes me think about my Jesse.

Nancy said...

I'll be there, Susan! I just changed my 'status' from 'maybe attending' to 'attending'!!!

And yeah, I bet you think about Jesse. (I just love Jesse.)

See you Friday night!!

Laura said...

um, not all artists paint. they might sculpt or draw or take pictures or use computers or sew or whatever. Just sayin. That's like saying, "all mussicians must play guitar."

Hope you guys see some great fall foliage! Glad you're having fun.

Nancy said...

You're right on that art thing, Laura!!

We've just seen a little foliage - but it may be just dead trees. I don't think autumn has come here yet... but maybe. (We'll have to come back.)

carisa said...

Awww. I wanna go on a road trip. A road trip to see Soul Shake would be even better. We're going to LA next week. Boys first time on a plane! Not a road trip, though.

Brenda's Blog said...

Oh how safe and enjoy!
Oh that sounds like a fun thing to do Friday night...I think I will try to do that! THANKS!!!


sara [at] journey of doing said...

That music reminds me of road trips with my dad. (We used to drive from Lubbock to Dallas for his cardiology appointments, regularly.) That makes me smile.

Congrats to your kiddo on the CM gig! I just wish it wasn't so hard for us to get that direction!

Enjoy your break!

Barris Ayres said...

Nancy, thanks so much for the SoulShake support!!!! I can't wait for the gig--people are going to have blast!!!

By the way, I love the quote you used from know its the same Maslow (the psychologist) who came up with what is referred to as "The Heirarchy of Needs" which I think is brilliant! He lists the ultimate need as "Self-Actualization" which I really believe speaks of spiritual matters of a person being who God made them to be and enjoying giving themselves to others!!!

Jan said...

Can't wait to see you there tomorrow night, Nancy!!

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