Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"The most interesting person you'll ever meet"...

... that's how a friend described Sam to me back in 1977 when I started dating him.

Here are some interesting facts:

He took flying lessons when he was 16 and got his pilot's license when he was 18. Later he got his multi-engine commercial instrument license.

He started Baylor as a pre-med major, then switched to business, then his junior year (after a life-changing summer - which I'll tell you about someday) he became a religion major with a Greek minor. Soon he found out he had a knack for Greek so he made his major Greek and religion his minor.

While in college he got interested in magic. Not black magic, but magic tricks he could use to share the Gospel of Christ. He really got good at magic and became a member of a professional magicians group (I forget the name.) After we married I became his assistant at every magic show he did. (I dressed modestly, though.) (And yes, I know his tricks, but I'm sworn to secrecy.)

Other interesting stuff: he had the first computer of anybody at Southwestern Seminary. He got it in 1978. Ever since then he's kept up with all the latest stuff on computers... which is no small feat.

There's more... but I better stop. (If you're like me, when you see a long wordy blog-post you say, "I'll read that later." ... I rarely do.)

I'll leave you with some random pictures.
(Two notes on them: Sam is the littlest one in the first two pictures. ... and I think that is Alex Bargley in the picture of the person (Alex) that's getting ready to have his head cut off.)
(Alex survived, thank goodness.)

(Sam's birthday is tomorrow - Sept. 15.)


Audrey said...

How very interesting, indeed! Happy Birthday Sam! I notice Nancy kept your age a secret also!!

Elizabeth H. said...

He IS very interesting! I didn't know some of this - like that he has a commercial license and that he majored in Greek and minored in Religion - or was a premed major at the beginning! Happy birthday Sam!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday Sam! I like people who have stories, and clearly, Sam has all kinds!! And I didn't even know Greek was offered as a major! Learn something new everyday...

The Boy Scout pic is too cute!!

Being Beth said...

Yeah, I didn't know about that pre-med thing either. He IS interesting. Sam did his magic the first time we visited BVCC - and Meredith still has that silver dollar or 50 cent piece he gave her for participating in one of his tricks. He's really good.

Happy birthday, Sam!!!

Great post!!!

Pat said...

Happy Birthday Sam! The scouting picture reminds of another item you can add to the "interesting person" list - he is an Eagle Scout. Looks like he had his hands full with that group.

Nancy said...

Uh oh, Pat. It was Steve who was (is) the Eagle Scout.

Sam said Boys Scouts petered out in Hinton when the science teacher moved. (Otherwise, OF COURSE he would have made Eagle Scout!!)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it something, Nancy - that one of the most interesting people that you know...married one of the most interesting people that I know?!?!?!? :-)

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Marian Adrian said...

Great post! I love that first photo so much! Hope y'all have a great day celebrating!