Monday, September 5, 2011

What's not to love?

I love today.

The weather is fantastic. 

And I got to have
a LOVE SHACK burger
in Denton...

...with some of my most favorite people...
Here is what Sam and Will's meal looked like...

That's the Dirty Love Burger with fries.

It comes with a fried quail egg on it.

They said it was delicious.

I just had the Love Burger
with no egg on it.
(I'm watching my cholesterol.)

On a different note, I had some special visitors in the tea room this past week.
One of them had a song request.
(I often get requests to play certain songs. The most common request I get is to play "Over the Rainbow". One lady likes me to play "The Yellow Rose of Texas". Another lady always wants me to play "Red Sails in the Sunset". Oh, and one gentleman always wants to hear "I Can Only Imagine". )

Well, one of my special visitors had this special request: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". Of course I was happy to oblige since that song happens to be in my repertoire.

That special visitor is in this picture I took...
He's the little fella on the right, Levi, who brought his little dinosaur with him.
That's his little cousin in the center, Judah, who looks as if he's blowing me a kiss! (I caught it, Judah! Thanks!)

Levi told everyone who would listen what song I played just for him!!

(Oh, that's Whitney, Cheryl, and Jenny with those two special visitors.)
I hope you're having a good Labor Day.
Me - I'm actually wearing a sweater-type top, and loving it!!

Life is good.

(There's a new poll up.)


Jan B. said...

Yay!! love that family!!

Laura said...

Thanks for coming up! Lunch was fun and yummy. And if you look close you can see how I was actually a little cold sitting outside in the shade! I'm hugging my arms kinda. Nice

Audrey said...

Exactly! What's not to love...beautiful weather, great company, the best burgers, the wonder of a twinkle, twinkle star, a child's innocence. Life is sweet. There is so much to be grateful for. Dear Nancy, thank you for always reminding us to count our blessings! Your blog is a blessing in my life.

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you! Levi is still telling everyone what song you played for him :)

Brenda's Blog said...

Thanks Nancy for the sweet comment! Love your blog... Of course you can post mine on FB! and blog...go right ahead!!! ;0) Glad you liked it all!!!! Hugs...Brenda

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