Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You know how opposites attract??

Well, that's what happened with Sam and me.

Me - I'm a predictable-type person. Pretty traditional. I'll try and branch out and, say, spike my hair... or be unpredictable in ANY way... but I always come back to my same old same old way of looking and being.

On any personality inventory I've taken - well, I test out as the dependable, responsible, people-pleasing type who doesn't want to rock ANY boat.

My husband is dependable and responsible, but there is no people-pleasing bone in his body, and he LIKES to rock ALL boats.

He has been labeled as a Pioneer... and an Entrepreneur. A Starter.

I may follow along kicking and screaming a little, but I DO follow along.

And that's what I'm doing this week.... following my Sam. (Not to worry: I won't get started on any 'obey and submit' sermon.)

But I AM following my honey.

We've been at Fellowship of the Parks for about 20 months. I knew we wouldn't be staying long, because Sam's job was to come in and help them out - and well, then I knew that once he helped them out - he'd be ready to move on. A 'maintenance job' is not a job Sam excels in.

Ah, but I'd thought we'd be leaving later, rather than sooner.

I should know better with my honey-Sam.

So this post is my way of telling you that Sam is (and I am) MOVING ON!!!!

To what? you might ask?
We don't know... but one thing I DO know: it will be INTERESTING.

As I was told by a friend when I was dating Sam decades ago: Sam is one of the most interesting people in the whole world!!!!

(His birthday is coming up - and I'll tell you about some of that interesting stuff.)

Anyway, Fellowship of the Parks is an absolutely wonderful church. Its main campus is in Keller, and its other campuses are in Grapevine and Haslet.

Why just last Thursday night I was thinking how much I loved FotP folks. I even wrote a blog post about a meeting we went to. Click HERE for that. (The part about FotP is after the 'thoughts'.)
Little did I know that in just a few days we'd be saying 'Adios'.

Life stays interesting.

Yes, it's sad... but interesting for sure.


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Sam is an interesting person... but so are you. Together, you have led an interesting life together, and I, for one, always love hearing your stories.

Audrey said...

I know you two are about to embark on another adventure. WE will all be here waiting excitedly to hear about it.

Yes, I agree with Sara Elizabeth - you both are fascinating people. You may be different but you have your similarities when it comes to core values...equally yoked. You two already KNOW that though!!

Love to both of you as you take your next step together.

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