Saturday, October 22, 2011

Slow Down.

I tend to rush through life, always hurrying on to the next thing.

When you're with a 4 1/2 year old, and a 3 year old, and an 11 month old, well, you have to slow down.... and see the little acorn on the sidewalk. Even though there are thousands (millions?) of acorns, there is that one - that catches her attention.
And she has to give it to her mommy.

And there are the little flowers. Tiny flowers you can hardly see with the naked eye. They make great gifts, too.

And there is the texture of the cloth I use to clean my glasses. I hadn't appreciated it... until I was made aware of it by little Caroline and Andrew. They enjoyed taking the time to feel it.
And so now I really feel it.

And little Anna noticed the little gum wrapper on the floor.
There is a lot you can do with a gum wrapper: wave it around, fold it and unfold it, crunch it, straighten it out, hand it to your great aunt, then let her give it back, then hand it again, smiling all the while.

Oh my.

This past week I have noticed the little things - as I haven't noticed them in, well, years and years.

But they are out there: the leaves and the rocks... and the acorns and the chewing gum wrappers.

I'm thankful that I'm back noticing them. :)

Life is good.


Elizabeth H. said...

Oh what a sweet reminder! Love you! Thank you again for ALL of your wonderful help!

Peggy F. said...

Thank you, Nancy for putting everything back into the right perspective....

Laura said...

made me smile :)

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Amen. Can you send someone to work for me? I'll take care of C, A, and A for a week and get my perspective realigned, too. ;)

Being Beth said...

After a hectic weekend, your post was just what I needed. I came up here to my office and just looked around at the simple ordinary things I so often overlook. Thanks!

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