Thursday, October 27, 2011

This and That Thursday

I know. I'm getting carried away with the days-of-the-week letters.

But today IS Thursday, and well, instead of this post being called'Thingamajig Thursday,' I'll call it what I did.

First of all, my beautiful (inside and out) niece (that's her in the picture on the right) was the guest blogger today at a wonderful site, Austin Moms' Blog. (Elizabeth doesn't live in Austin, but they wanted her to post this post.) It's VERY good. Click here to read it. (Some of you have already read it from my (or her) link on Facebook - thanks. And thanks for your comments there!)

As you may know Elizabeth's mother was my identical twin. That means Elizabeth and I are very close. But then, I think we'd be close if her mother was my long lost cousin-once-removed.
Elizabeth and I are very much alike.... but oh my, is she like her mother!
Peggy was always making things.... both in the kitchen ... and at the sewing machine.
Me? I've not done much of that. Sad to say.
(In every other way, Elizabeth and I are alike, I would say.)

I'll leave you today with some pictures I took last week of my twin's grandchildren...
(Don't ask me what they were playing... I just thought they looked great playing it.) (And I just love their backyard.)

That was Anna's very first time to explore for herself the toy drawer at our house!!
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...tomorrow's post will AMAZE you!!!!
Maybe even SCARE you!!!!
... And from the most UNEXPECTED source!!!!

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