Saturday, October 8, 2011

While Sam is watching football...

...I'm sitting here thinking that I need to have unconditional love for my dog.

Right now it's kind of conditional.

That's how it was when our beloved Marco got fleas.
I thought I loved that doggie so much.
Then I wanted him to leave.
Go away.

That's how I am with Shiloh now.

It's kind of disturbing that I have these feelings.

You'd think if a loved one did something disagreeable I'd still be loving towards that person.

Right now I'm not feeling so loving.
And since I'm wanting to blog, I'll just tell you about it.

Two nights ago sweet Shiloh killed a skunk in our driveway.
Fortunately Shiloh is up-to-date on his rabies' shot. (On Monday animal control will pick up the dead skunk (that Sam bagged) to take it to see if it had rabies.)

Animal control can't remove the odor, though.

PET LOVE came and washed Shiloh this morning - and 'de-skunked' him... but he still smells to high heaven.

We may have to do something else to Shiloh, to get him presentable.

Right now I don't think Shiloh, Sam, and I are presentable.
(Just so you know!)

Oh well, he'll be an outdoor dog for awhile - while Sam and I wear cologne everywhere.

Writing this is making me feel a little more lovey-dovey towards Shiloh-pup.

Bless his heart.
(This picture was taken two years ago, in better-smelling times.)

Well, here's hoping Baylor can beat Iowa State tonight! 
 Sic 'Em, Bears!!


Audrey said...

Oh, the problems with kids!! Do you think he learned or will he do it again, given the chance? Quite a guard dog you have there! I am sure he was just protecting you, Right? There is some positive way to look at this.....

alice said...

Tomato juice will get the odor out!!

Elizabeth H. said...

Aww! Sweet pup! You know he was so proud of killing that skunk! I'm sure the odor is bad... I've heard tomato juice will do the trick!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

OY. I can't imagine how a dead skunk smells. I like them so little while alive...

Being Beth said...

Distilled vinegar kills the skunk smell - but mixed with hot water, skunk smell, all in a tiny bathroom will about knock you out. We used a gallon of it. Cali smelled like vinegar, but not skunk.

Cali got sprayed a few years ago, and I used the vinegar - only took one treatment. Meredith and I thought we'd die giving Cali that bath.

We all survived though.

Oh, and you'll love him again.

Dorothy Zumwalt Hurla said...

Nancy- We have 3 outside canines, and they all mess with skunks every night, or they always smell like they did. It wears off- hauling off the dead skunks is a job I never ever would take. We are lucky that they slay the skunks so that we don't have to!!! Dot Hurla

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