Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here's Tilly...

... the goat...

She's a miniature goat.

And no,
she's not my

Well, maybe
for a week
she was.

My daughter can do anything.


If you
have a goat
and you go
out of town for a week,
Laura and Ryan can come take care of that goat!
Then, if it's Christmas time Ryan will chop down the tree....

...and look like it's no big deal.

And then
he'll relax
after a
hard day
of tree cutting
and tree decorating.

Me, I'm more of a city girl.

And our fake tree is not decorated yet.

And I've never milked any animal.

...But I'm so proud of those who can
... and will ... and do.
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sara [at] journey of doing said...

Their tree sure is pretty!!!!!

ryan said...

I love goats. Hopefully someday not too far away, we can get some land and have space for goats, chickens, etc.

Laura said...



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