Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I have this phobia...

I'll call it 'fear-of-folks-seeing-me-exercise'.

Years ago I joined a gym. I went three times a week for two years. I kept thinking I would get less self-conscious, but I didn't.

Years before that I joined a morning aerobic class at my church.
I made sure that I was on the back row for that.

Now I have the answer!!!

No, it's not a DVD.
It's YouTube!!!

I can exercise in my pajamas... and not spend a dime!
And it's the newest thing: ZUMBA!!
Click HERE to go to my 'class'.
You will see that it is VERY basic.
It has to be: I have let myself get completely out of shape.

That's my class for now anyway.
(I knew you were interested. (Ha.))

On a completely different note:
I saw this picture of my granddog Akon on Facebook yesterday and had to steal it....
He's such a good boy.
He makes me think of this cartoon...

In closing I want to give a shout out to one of my most favorite people in the universe....
my dear sister-in-law, Pat, who is having a birthday today!

There she is
with her
wonderful husband, Ken.

Talk about fine people.



sara [at] journey of doing said...

LOL, I love that you are youtube exercising! That's AWESOME!!!! You are my hero! (In more ways than that!)

Pat said...

Thanks for the Happy Birthday both here and on Facebook. It is nice to be remembered.

Being Beth said...

I have that same phobia - not because I'm out of shape, but because I'm such a klutz, LOL!

Being Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Pat!

Myra J said...

Whew!!! Watched for 4 minutes! I'm beat think I'll sit down, rest, and have a cold drink!

Laura said...

Yay Zumba! Glad you can find a way to exercise that works for you :)

And yeah, I love that picture of Akon too

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