Friday, November 25, 2011

I like...

... the new MUPPET movie!!!!!

Sam said I laughed through the whole movie last night. Well, I don't think I did... but when I wasn't laughing I was smiling!

Really, it was funny, and heartwarming, and delightful.
(And I hope I'm not building it up too much for you.)
On a different note, Sam and I had Thanksgiving dinner with Mother at her retirement community yesterday. Oh my. The food was so good. I think the dressing was as good as any I've ever eaten, except for Mother's. (I should have taken a picture of it!)
On another different note, we're having a Mexican feast here tonight for the Carmack crew. I've ordered food from La Hacienda Ranch.
Needless to say, a diet is in order soon!!! .... but NOT YET!!! (of course)
Another different note: I did not brave the crowds today - or last night.
I never have participated in Black Friday shopping.
Maybe one day I will get the nerve.... or not.
I have a new poll up... Please vote.
AND if you know of a weird name for a store or eatery please tell me! (It's just some trivia I want to know... Plus, I love comments (they can be anonymous, if you don't want to own up).


Laura said...

i want to see that movie!

funny restaurant names reminds me of our roadtrip last year from new mexico. I feel like we saw some funny names then.

The only ones I can think of right now is Fuzzy's Tacos, which most people know, and the Mellow Mushroom, which is a new pizza place in Denton.

Nancy said...

Yes, I had thought about those funny named places we saw on the way home from NM!!

I want to go to that Mellow Mushroom sometime. Oh yes.

(Thanks for the comment.)

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