Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thinking Thanks...

When my mind is filled with thanksgiving, I'm a happier person.

And there are so many blessings to think about, for which to give thanks. 

Here are a few (in no particular order):

Running water.
A very comfortable bed in which to sleep.
A television with more channels than I can watch.
Taste buds.
A prince of a husband. (He's the best husband in all the world.) (Sorry, ladies.)
A wonderful son and a wonderful daughter, and they married wonderful spouses. (The best in all the world.) (Sorry, everybody else.)
A fantastic family of origin.
A mother who is still thriving. (She would say 'some days more than others'... but compared to her peers, she is, for sure, THRIVING.) (For sure.)

Those are just a few.
I'll list more later.

You be thinking of some, too.
If you'd like, you can leave a comment telling me of some that come to mind.
I'd love it.


Anonymous said...

Well, when I "think thanks"...
Included in my list is most definitely YOU!!!
The smiles, the laughter, the joy, the LOVE!!!!
Yes, you are a very special BLESSING in my life!

Love you!

Laura said...

I'm thankful for you too! For having two very supportive, fun, kind, easy-going parents who love Jesus. And I'm thankful to have married into a great family. I'm thankful I'm having fun student teaching--AND that it will be over in a month. I'm thankful for the holidays coming up because they are my favorite time of year.

That is a sampling of the many things I am thankful for :)

Anonymous said...

Here's Kenzie's "Thinking Thanks..." list!!

1. Teachers that don't give much homework!
2. Softball- because it basically ROCKS!!
3. Best friend's that make everything more fun.
4. My kitty that can be like the devil sometimes and sweet as an angel other times.
5. Nickelodeon and Disney Channel!
6. Hugs!!!!! I'm a snuggle girl!
7. Clothes, clothes, clothes!!! (I like clothes!!!)
8. A house for my family with my own room.
9. Brothers that look out for me and teach me how to be tough.
10. My mom and dad to love me...and let's face it...spoil me!!!! And drive me everywhere I need to go.
11. Nancy!! I'm glad I have my own special kind of "aunt" that I love!!!!!

Nancy said...

I'm loving these comments!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so very much!!!

Being Beth said...

OH my gosh - taste buds!!! Definitely taste buds. I can't believe I've never thought of saying thanks for those little gems. That's the best, Nancy.

I echo everyone else - definitely thankful for you. Really.

Others - words and language, imagination, the music that orchestrates my life, flowers that bloom just to make me smile, sunshine, silence, my kitchen and the people who pass through it.


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