Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Counting Baby Jesuses

We have a lot of Baby Jesus-es in our house.
Last night we found out we have at least fifteen!

Here's one...
You can barely see him there, being held by his parents.

That was given to us by some friends in Brazil. I just love it. It was made in Piaui, the poorest - and hottest state in Brazil... and where we lived for close to 2 years (yes, me - comfort-loving me!).
This next nativity scene was given to us by Pat and Ken (Sam's sister and brother-in-law) several years ago...
It doesn't indicate where it was made, but it looks maybe like Mexico.
I love the colors in it.

This next one is definitely from Mexico...
We bought it right across the border in Nuevo Progreso, just south of Weslaco, TX (where my parents lived when I was born (in Mercedes).

This next one is from Santa Fe, New Mexico...
It's small enough to be a tree ornament, but I put it on the piano. It gets more attention that way.
The title of this post is "Counting Baby Jesuses" because last night little Caroline and her family came over and she counted the Baby Jesuses we had. (Her mother had her do that ... and what a great project for an almost 5 year-old!!)
I think she counted 15.

Here she is with her little sister last night...

And here is her little brother...

I just smile when I see their pictures.

I'll bet you're smiling now, too.
I put up a new poll yesterday evening (upper right)!
Thanks for voting!


Anonymous said...

Kenzie and I looked through all the pictures of your nativities tonight (this post and earlier ones). We decided that we definitely like bright colors because those colorful ones seem to be our favorites!! And Kenz is looking forward to seeing the snow globe that she spotted in the piano picture. She collects those!

Yes, we were smiling when we saw those sweet kids!!! They are just CUTE!!!!!

Audrey said...

Precious pictures. It is always a pleasure coming to your blog. Thank you for all you share with us!

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