Monday, December 12, 2011

Do Less, Be More

Have you heard that - "Do Less, Be More." ??

Seems like I've seen or heard that about three or four places this season.
And I like it.

This time of year is usually stressful for me.

I want to get just the right gifts for folks.
And send just the right cards to folks.
And when I don't send cards I feel guilty, but when I do I think, "Geez, I should have written a newsletter." Or, "Hmm. I want to get that cute little Santa Claus card, but maybe I should get a religious card to send."

And I should have lots of extra gifts on hand, just in case someone out of the blue gives me a gift. I should be ready for such an event.
I should be ready for everything.

I'll all about 'shoulds'.

This time of year 'shoulds' can drive a person like me crazy...
... so the 'Do Less, Be More' message definitely struck a chord with me.

And I think it's so appropriate for the Christ-follower.

Christ is the ultimate grace-giver... and He is who we celebrate this season.
My husband likes to collect nativity scenes... and I'm going be sharing some in the next few posts.

Here's the top of our piano, with some ...
I'll be sharing some up close.... and talking more about what Christmas means to me...
... because it means A WHOLE LOT!!

(Oh, the blog background I'm using right now is called 'Merry Little Christmas' (just so you know).


Anonymous said...

I love your collection of nativity scenes, especially ones from around the world. Shows how Christ is for all people and all cultures.

arg said...

I love your nativities! My grandmother collected them throughout her life and I was lucky enough to keep a few when she passed. I posted about them the other day! (...great minds!) They are one of my FAVORITE Christmas "things". :)

Audrey said...

I used to do what you are talking about every holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. By the time Christmas rolled around I was just worn out.

Now due to circumstances, I stay out of the mad rush and just try to enjoy what I can. It is a very different feeling, not all together bad. I do miss the involvement, but not the exhaustion and wondering if everything was just right.

The Christmas lights are beautiful this year, as always. But some how they just seem more sparkly to me.


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