Thursday, December 29, 2011

My angel made an angel...

Part of my daughter Laura's Christmas gift to me was this...

She made it as she was teaching her middle school students (when she was student teaching last month) how to make the angels.

To think that she would give me hers is, well, WONDERFUL.

Here is the face up close...

Not only notice the closed eyes, and the mouth singing, but notice the rose the angel is holding.

This next picture shows the hair. Laura said she used a garlic press to make the hair.
 (Who would have thought?)

Oh, you can see where you can put a candle in it.

My daughter amazes me.
Check out her blog to see some more art.
(She's doing a 30 day drawing challenge.... well, here it is (I hope you can read it)...
Click HERE to go to her blog.
You'll be glad you did. (She's on Day 5 today - it's great.)
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sara [at] journey of doing said...

WOW. That Laura sure is talented! Love her angel!!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Sara.

BTW, I can no longer see your blog.... but I would like to... if possible.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that angel is awesome! So special! Those are the best kinds of gifts....ones made with love.

Your family has talent overflowing!!!


Pat said...

Love the angel and Laura's art on her blog is awesome...she is very talented!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Momma!

Audrey said...

How very creative. This angel reminds me a lot of the Santa Fe art I like so much.

Also, totally enjoyed Laura's blog. I've been there before, she is so clever and fun to read...but now with all her art work added. My Goodness. I had no idea! So very talented! How lucky her student are!

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