Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yes, Fred Flintstone.

In these next few posts I will share some nativity scenes with you (as well as other info)...

This first nativity scene is super special.
Will and Bailey brought it back for us from their honeymoon last year...
They got it in Costa Maya, Mexico.

I love it for at least 3 reasons:
1) It's from Will & Bailey.
2) They got it on their honeymoon!!!!!!!!
3) It has an interesting Joseph. I think he looks remarkably like Fred Flintstone!
I think that is great. Now when I see Fred Flintstone I'll think of Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus! (And now maybe you will, too.)


The next nativity scene is one I grew up with ... and that my children grew up with....
It brings back LOTS of memories. Memories that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!

Oh, I just happen (!) to have a picture of our family years ago ... when Will and Laura would be excited telling about Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the little lambs, etc. Well, W&L are still excited about telling about this nativity scene, but I wanted an excuse to show you this picture (which was in our Christmas card years and years ago.....
Now for the big news: that little girl on the left, with her head on my shoulder (where it often was!) is getting her Master's degree in Art Education from the University of North Texas Friday afternoon!!   And the little boy in the middle in the blue turtleneck is getting his Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from the University of Texas in Arlington Saturday night!!

It's a BIG WEEKEND!!!!

(Will spells my name 'Mama'; Laura spells my name 'Momma'.) 
In closing I would like you to click HERE, and enjoy Laura's latest blog post.   It is SUPER. 
(And you'll see snow falling.)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like the nativity scene! I never realized that he looks so much like Fred Flintstone, but he does! And we realized that we actually got that in Cozumel...


Being Beth said...

Not only is this a BIG weekend, it's such a happy one. I'm absolutely thrilled for both Laura and Will. Thrilled! And proud, so proud of them.

Audrey said...

I'll say this weekend is very special. How wonderful it is to watch your kids grow up and share in their successes.

Those are great nativities. I miss mine, they are somewhere in storage...I can be quite satisfied though coming to your blog and enjoying yours!

Love to you and Sam. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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