Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 years ago this very night....

I was surprised... with a 50th birthday party!!!  
(Wow, I was feeling so old then - little did I realize how young I was.)

It was after music team rehearsal in the auditorium... and somehow someone said I needed to go into the children's room at Bear Valley for some nebulous important reason.

I recently found these pictures.
Some of you are in them... you'll see.

Wonderful Jennifer Howes planned that whole surprise party.
We didn't get a good picture of her at the party.... but here's a picture around that time with some sweet young ladies who so looked up to her (and still do)....

Thank you, Jennifer!
I so enjoy reliving that big surprise!

(Don't you just love reliving wonderful memories?)
(They say it's good for your health.)

(No wonder I'm feeling so good.)


Anonymous said...

so fun!

it's crazy to think that baby that Lee is holding in the picture is ten or 11 now!

I hear some of my friends, who are like mid-late twenties say that they are so old now and i say -- don't say that right now! Or you'll be saying it the rest of your life. Age is just a number anyway.

Anonymous said...

I loved planning that party for a wonderful woman. I have many fond memories of staff dinners around your table. Love and miss you.

Julia said...

Love this post! Happy birthday, Nancy! (And I still look up to you, Jennifer.) :)


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