Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Night Lite...

Ever since we started dating Sam has known that my favorite time of the week is Friday night!
So here we are.

And I always let myself sleep late on Saturday morning.... so you can see THAT reason why Friday night has such appeal.

Tonight we're watching shows we've recorded during the week... like "The Mentalist", "Person of Interest", "CSI", ... and if we don't have those ... we always have "Perry Mason". I can remember where I sat in our den in Mission, watching "Perry Mason". Good memories.

Speaking of "The Mentalist", Mother and I think that the main character (Patrick Jane - actor Simon Baker) looks like Mother's little brother Boyd (who is with the Lord now). Here's an old picture of my mother's family. Boyd is the young man on the far left in the back row. ...
 (My mother is in the back row, too.)

You see the resemblance?


On a different note, I found some photos that I LOVE...

As you can tell, those pictures have (at least) 3 things in common!
I just put up a new poll! (upper right)

Have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Friday night is the absolute BEST time of the week!!!
The whole week is behind you.
The whole week-end is ahead of you!!
What can feel better than that???

And those shows (well, not Perry Mason) are all some of my favorites!

Enjoy this Friday night...and sleeping late in the morning!
I sure will!!

Brenda's Blog said...

I love your posts and pics!!! So enjoyable...beautiful family!!! ;0)

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