Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I guess I'm a tea party member?

Last Thursday I went to a tea party!!

It was for Caroline, my little great niece, whose mother gave her a SMASHING birthday party - a tea party where all the little girls could bring their favorite dolls - and dress them up and have tea with them.

Here are some more pictures....

As I didn't get a picture of her at the party - I did last night... with her doll!
(Is not Caroline a beautiful doll, herself?)

Oh, when I came home from the tea party I said to Sam, "Man, that Elizabeth knows how to put on a fantastic party - and she doesn't break the bank in doing it!"
Sam said, "Well, you remember that she has been an Event Planner in her before-kids-life.
And I said, 'You're right.... and my next event I'll have HER plan it!'

So now I'm looking forward to having an event!!


Anonymous said...

so cute!

Being Beth said...

Elizabeth continues to amaze me with her creativity. I don't know how she has the energy to do everything she does. Whatever it is, I want some of that.

Fun new poll today. I had to laugh at myself - I was trying to figure out if it counts for being made if I pull up the covers, fold them neatly, straighten the pillows, but that's it. After I quit laughing at myself, I decided yes, that's a made bed. What a nut I am.

Nancy said...

I sounds like you DO make your bed, Beth!

I was going to word the question: "Do you make your bed everyday?" ... but Sam and I would answer that differently... but it's the same bed!!! (So I changed the question.)


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