Thursday, January 5, 2012

On the way to play...

I travel from Colleyville to Haltom City to play background music in LoneStar Antiques tea room about three times a week.  I LOVE IT.

And the drive is interesting.

I usually take Cheek-Sparger Road west, which becomes Mid-Cities Blvd which becomes Watauga Road, which later becomes Western Center, but I turn south on Denton Highway before it becomes that.

Between Rufe Snow and Denton Highway there are some VERY interesting sites.
Not long ago I got my iPhone camera out and took some pictures.

Going west, here's the first bit of fun....
Look closely at that picture (click to make larger) and you'll see they need a 'spell-check' for their city.
I have actually found MANY businesses in Watauga that need spell-checks!
(It's not like it's 'Albuquerque'!!!)

Going further west it gets more interesting.
On the north side of the road is this...
Right exactly across the street from APOLLO THE GREEK are these two shops...

I need to shop those soon.

Driving further west you'll see a Sonic. ... Oh wait, it's a car title place now!

Going even further west you'll find the gem of Watauga Road....
(That above picture was taken from their website - they have since remodeled and the front looks like this...
CHEF POINT CAFE is nationally known, thanks to the Food Channel and/or the Travel Channel, plus TEXAS MONTHLY... etc.
Click HERE to go the their website.
I can tell you from personal experience (many times) that the food is MARVELOUS!!!)

On down the road - almost at Denton Highway, near OC Burgers, there was a preschool called CAMBRIDGE PRESCHOOL. Just this week they're changing it up. Rats.
I wanted to take a picture of it - and tell you that you could brag to everyone that your little preschooler was already enrolled in CAMBRIDGE!!!

Well, there is more on that stretch of road... and I'm getting ready to drive it again... and I'll be looking out. (But don't worry, I don't take pictures unless my car in is 'park'.)

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing these pictures of the things you pass on your drive to the mall!! That is an interesting path, indeed!

To this day, Dylan and I cannot pass a BBVA Compass without cracking up laughing after our ride with you down that street!!! :-)


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