Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two more sillies...

I put up some sillies yesterday (click HERE to go there quickly), but I have found two more that have struck my fancy.

One is from daughter Laura's blog (it's a great blog!). Yesterday she put this up...
(That's a funny cartoon for Laura: she likes to eat Chinese noodles AND she likes to knit!)
(Did I just give away the funny part?)

By the way, Laura and Ryan went snow skiing ... and had fun!!! (Last year they went and Ryan was slammed into by a fast snowboarder that broke Ryan's leg in 9 (yes, NINE) places. .... If I were he, I wouldn't go skiing again. Not Ryan, he was shopping for skis the day after he had leg surgery last winter.)
Here's a picture of them on their recent trip to Angel Fire...

I saw another 'silly' just now on Facebook.
High school classmate Laurie always puts funny and/or uplifting stuff on Facebook.
Here's Laurie with her husband....

And here's the cartoon she put on Facebook...
Ha!!!! I think that's so funny!!!

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