Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When you get to be my age....

... you can make decisions on your own.

Well, here I am blowing out the 2 candles on my birthday cake (for the 2 30-year periods I've lived through)...
(Oh, and you can see I made the decision to be a blonde!! (Whoa, that's weird.)

And I made the decision to have just 2 candles....
 in the eye-sockets of that snow man cake....

(Target makes great cakes.)

And I've made the decision (for now) to not have those picture-headers on my blog.
Well, I liked them.... but I get too obsessive with them.

Speaking of that: Pinterest has to go (for me). I don't have time to have another obsession.
(When I was thinking clearly I decided to write that sentence.)
(I may not think clearly soon.)

I think I'm liking this business of being 'over-the-hill'... Though this was the only 'over-the-hill' cartoon I found tonight that wasn't, well, in poor taste.
If this cartoon is in poor taste, let me know. (I'm pretty naive... but I won't apologize for that.)
Here's a quote I like (kind of along the above line)....
Give the Lord credit for knowing things you don't understand. - C. H. Spurgeon


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Happy birthday!! I say do what ever you want!

...but I don't get the cartoon? Maybe I'm the naive one?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I LIKE the blonde!!!
Well, I just like YOU, so any color would be great.
But you look super!!

And that cake is (was!) precious!


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