Saturday, January 7, 2012


TODAY is my big day!
You know... my DECADE day!!

So here is a cartoon I like...

...oh, and you're going to love this note card given to me by my dear tea room friend, Nelda....
I needed that.
And love it!

Oh, here is a picture of how old I feel (sometimes)....
(No, that's not me.)
(It’s a mannequin in TIMELESS TREASURES, the antique mall in Canton where my mother used to have a booth.)
(I guess an antique mall would only have that kind of mannequin.)

Ah, and it seems her expression (look at it) so fits a sign I saw in Delta’s booth the other day...
So here’s to FIERCENESS!!!

Fierceness for LIFE, and FAMILY, and FRIENDS ... and especially for the LOVE OF MY WONDERFUL HEAVENLY FATHER who has given me these six decades!!!

(Hmm. When I say '6 decades' it doesn't sound so old.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, precious Nancy!

I think YOU are fabulous...and beautiful and FUN!!!
Age is just a number!
(have you noticed that it's always the OLD people that say that, though! Ha!)

I love you!

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