Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I like to think of myself ...

...as a music profiler.

When people come into the tea room, I size them up.
For example: there’s a cowboy-looking man in his fifties who comes in and the first time I saw him I thought, “I bet he’d like to hear some Johnny Cash, or Buck Owens, or surely Marty Robbins.” I got my Reader’s Digest Country Music book out and began to play some tunes.

Then I thought, “For those older ladies at that other table I’ll play some “Sentimental Journey”, “Moon River”, and “Somewhere My Love” (‘Lara’s Theme) from DOCTOR ZHIVAGO. Then I’ll play some BEATLES‘ tunes for a lady who always wants me to play BEATLES."

As I was leaving the tea room, that cowboy-looking fella, for whom I played “I Walk the Line”, and “El Paso”, came up to me and said, “Ma’am, you played my favorite song of all time today.”
I was getting ready to guess just what country song that was when he said, “Somewhere My Love” from DR. ZHIVAGO --- there’s no better song in the whole world than that. I do believe it's the most beautiful song of all time."

You think you know people.

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