Friday, February 24, 2012

I've been given an hour ...

.... to just sit here.
(A doctor's appointment was moved later an hour and a half.) :)

I've decided to look around at blogs... and Facebook... and am amazed and how many folks are praying for my mom, who had a mild stroke earlier this week.  Thank you, thank you!
(She's doing well now.)

I also turned on 'Spa music': you know, relaxing, instrumental music.  (It's 'Soundscapes', channel 1833 on our TV).  
And I was looking for a picture of my cousin 'Tennessee Jim' and his dad, Uncle Warren.  They're somewhere in my iPhoto pictures... and I haven't found that picture yet.  (I wanted to show you who were flying in today to see Mother!)
Well, I was looking through the pictures, and listening to that wonderful, mellow music, and all the pictures looked magical.
So I'm going to show them to you.  
It would help if you turned on some spa music... to get the effect.
You may not know all these people, but with spa music they look gorgeous (well, they ARE gorgeous) (especially that one person) ....


I just love all those people.

And wow. I'm feeling very relaxed now. ... and blessed.

When you get some time, look through your photographs with soothing, soft, mellow, tranquil, serene music on.
It will mellow you out.
('Course when my kids were young and I'd play that kind of music in the car, well, it would NOT mellow them out.... just the opposite! --- Ha!)(They remember!)

Anyway, do it and see what happens.


Susan said...

hey!! keith made your blog!! such a treat! he has always felt like you were a sister to him. <3

Nancy said...

Yes, Susan. We. Are. FamilY!!!

Laura said...

Yep! Good people. (and I liked you're music joke in your response to Susan)


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