Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Phantom of the Opera....

Another cowboy-looking man (in his seventies, I think) came into the tea room....
... and I thought, I'd better play some "Born to Lose" or Floyd Cramer's "Last Date".
After that I played some "Sound of Music", and then some "Phantom of the Opera" for a table of refined-looking ladies that I thought would really enjoy all that.

When I was leaving the tea room, the seventy-ish cowboy told me he just loved my "Phantom of the Opera" tunes.

You just never know.
On a different note, my mom has a birthday tomorrow.
We're going to be together all day.
It will be so fun!!

At Parkwood, her retirement center, the theme is COWBOY.... so we're dressing western... and may speak like Chester on "GUNSMOKE"...

Oh, did you know? Dennis Weaver (Chester) was my grandmother's cousin's son?
I'm serious.
I am related to Chester!!!

Oh, if you missed my 'music profiling' post, click HERE to go there. (It would explain this post.)

(I've quit priding myself in guessing what music people like.)
Take my First Lady poll if you haven't already (upper right).
(Soon I'll blog about real BEAUTY... and refer to it.)

1 comment:

Being Beth said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet mom!

I've enjoyed your music profiling. So, what do you think you should play when I walk in the tea room? Just curious how you might profile someone who looks like me, haha!

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