Sunday, February 26, 2012

Somethings never change... my love for strawberry jam on toast.

I don't know why but that's the only kind of jam I want on my toast.
(Well, unless you have homemade fig preserves, which my mother and grandmother would sometimes have. Mmm.)

You know something else that's never changed?
The school bus!!

I saw one the other day
and thought,

I wonder why.
'Seems like everything else in the world changes but the school bus!

Oh, something else that never changes with me is my (compulsive?) need to be on time.
Why, as a child I used to be the alarm clock for our family. I'd get us up and going.
I don't know why ... maybe I was praised for being punctual once... and since I love praise.... well.. I'm almost never late now. If I AM I start panicking.
'Course with cell phones I can just call... and the panic subsides.

What never changes with you? ... or with something you've noticed? (like I noticed the school bus.)

Oh yeah. The Hinton water tower never changes. Hinton, Oklahoma is Sam's hometown. When we lived there back in the mid-eighties there was something about the water tower I liked. Maybe the small town feeling I got when I saw it.
Anyway, there's a certain comfort about it for me.

What about you?
I'd love to know.
(But no pressure.)

(Ah, but I would like you to take my newest poll!! (upper right)
I was reading it to Sam and he said, :Put this on that poll!".... and you can guess which one he suggested.)


Laura said...

Things that never change . . . I also am on on-time-panic-when-I'm-not person, probably thanks to my Momma. My love for reading novels. My dislike of olives.

Nancy said...

Thanks, Laura!!!

Anybody else wanna comment?

Audrey said...

My love for each of my family members, my love for pie crust, my need to do one more thing...and one more thing...before I go someplace (which always makes me late!). And then there is Bill Smith's Cafe in McKinney,TX.


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