Sunday, March 18, 2012

Don't go changing . . .

... unless you really want to.... which I do!
(I've been playing a lot of Billy Joel lately, and have been wanting to use that line as a post title.)

I'm moving my poll from top right - to more 'middle right'.
I've changed the background.
I've added a different header-thing.

I've enjoyed doing all of the above on this Sunday evening.

That reminds me, I read a good article on keeping the Sabbath, and how important it is.
You can click HERE to go to that article. It's worth the read.

That picture of the white lawn chair was in the 'teaser' for that article.
Just seeing that chair makes me relax.

On a different note, and not so relaxing....
... how about those Baylor Bears!!

I've never been so excited about March Madness before!!!
And I think they can beat Kentucky game after next!

On another different note, you may know that my dear daughter got her hair cut. Well, as I suspected, she sent her hair to LOCKS OF LOVE... where they make wigs for people, especially children, who've lost hair because of chemotherapy treatments, etc., and can't afford to buy wigs.

That's my girl on the right, with the hair she sent in.....
I know there will be a lovely wig worn by a special someone out there.
Maybe two or three special someones.
(Laura had a lot of hair.)
Don't forget to take my poll (on the right, underneath the picture I like)... THANKS!

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