Monday, March 12, 2012

Funny how the mind works.

Some of my favorite people came to the antique mall Saturday and ate in the tea room...
It was the first time I'd seen Laura's short hair in person. I really like it!

And it reminded me of how I wore my hair years ago when we lived in Brazil...

Of course that made me think of 2 more pictures I found the other day of Sam in Brazil....

That's him with some pastors at a pastors' retreat.
(Wow. That seems like a lifetime ago.)
Funny how the mind works.
I saw that picture of Laura, then I remembered recently seeing that picture of a skinnier me, with short, short hair.... and then I wanted to show you Sam.

I didn't start out writing this blog post thinking about that Brazil stuff.
My mind just goes in whatever direction it wants.

And here's an absolutely COMPLETELY different direction: I FINALLY took down the outside Christmas lights today.
Here was my motivation: about a week ago little Caroline asked why we still had our Christmas lights up. I said, "I keep thinking Sam is going to take them down, and he keeps thinking I'm going to take them down, and well, we just keep thinking."

Well, little Caroline is coming over in about an hour, and by golly, I quit thinking, and took them down!!!

I thought I'd see if Google would show me a cartoon about taking Christmas lights down late.
I guess there's no such cartoon.

Ah, but I DID get this one, which I must share....

That made me chuckle.


Laura said...

Hm, you would think that there would be a funny cartoon or two about taking lights down late. And I'd say you're doing pretty good, considering it took you about seven years to take down the Christmas tree :-D

Anonymous said...

But you know what you can find NOW if you Google taking down the Christmas lights late?????

A link to this blog post!


Nancy said...

Whoa, Carla. You got a link to this post! Whoa!


And Laura, you're right about that tree being up for years and years! ... ah, but I didn't call it a Christmas tree, so my laziness served a purpose ... at Easter, and birthdays, etc.
Yeah, laziness is underrated.


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