Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lazy salad....

I used to think salad wedges were the lazy man's way to make a salad.
And that may be... but I'm hooked... especially on Cotton Patch's salad wedges. Mmm.

Speaking of something else that's good is the Girl Scout Lemonade Cookie.
(I'm guessing it's almost past time to buy those cookies.)

Speaking of that, though, there was a group of Daisies (the youngest kind of Girl Scouts - just below Brownies) at Mother's retirement center on her birthday last month.
They were giving out cookies... and they sang 'Happy Birthday' to Mother.
She's wearing that cowboy hat because it was Cowboy Day at the center.

Laura was a Daisy, by the way.
Here she is in Oct. '92 at her induction meeting...

Wow. That was almost 20 years ago.
She sold a lot of Girl Scout Cookies back then. (It was a good thing we had a big freezer!)
(Well, she sold a lot to other people, too.)
We have a big weekend coming up. It's starting this afternoon, actually.
My cousin Jim and Uncle Warren are flying in from Tennessee today ...and cousin David and wife Sandy are driving down from Iowa and will get here Saturday.
You'll know who they are soon, because I'll put them on my blog!
(Well, you may recognize them. They've been on here before.)

(Sounds like a family reunion, huh? ... It just happened that they're coming the same weekend (in case you're thinking you've been left out).
That's all for now.

Except for this quote I like...
Christianity is not a theory
or speculation, but a life;
not a philosophy of life, but
a living presence.

-Samuel Taylor Coleridge
I think that's great.
Oh, I put up a new poll (upper right).
Thanks for voting!


Laura said...

I've never tired the lemonade cookies. I do like girl scout cookies.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I love the old school Daisy pictures!!! I sold a lot of girl scout cookies too. i think this might be the first year i haven't gotten any!


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