Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Bailey’s sister, Jessica, had little Luca Giordiano Marcaccio yesterday morning...

Is he not darling?

And don't you love his name?

(In case you're new to this blog, Bailey is my dear daughter-in-law.)
(I say that because some of you may have just now come to this blog from Facebook. - WELCOME!)

Here are Bailey and her sisters...
Jessica, Shea, and Bailey.

Here are Shea's precious two...
That's Macy (7 months old, I think) and Camryn (Cami), who turned two in January.
They're making me smile!

Here is Bailey's family at the wedding (Oct. 30, 2010)...
(There are more pictures I could share of course.... Anyway, they're (we're) all excited little Luca is here now!)
On a slightly different note, Bailey and Will are going to spend a year in Scotland starting in August, or late July (click HERE for that blog post.)
They need help with their 2 beautiful cats, and their lovable dog....

That's Pretzel on the right.

That's Tambourine on the left.

That's Olive, the lovable dog, on the right.

The cats are indoor cats.
Olive is a house-trained dog, but also enjoys the outdoors.

You can take all or one or two of them for the year.
If you can - and want to - let me know and I'll contact Will and Bailey.

(Sam and I would take the cats, but Sam is very allergic to cats.)
(Sam and I would take Olive, but Shiloh is kind of allergic to other dogs - ha!)
Please take my poll if you haven't (upper right).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post!! We can use all the help we can get!

Bailey Jo

Laura said...

Cute! He has such an italian name.

Laura said...

wow, lots of babies up there in your header I just noticed


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