Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sweet times...

That's Uncle Warren and Caroline together.
I just love those pictures.

Uncle Warren and cousin Jim flew down from Tennessee for the weekend.

Here's Jim with his plane Thursday afternoon at the Addison airport....
Last night the Huffmans came over for supper.
When you get two lawyers together (Jim and John) and two Aggies together (Warren and John) and two pilots together (Jim and Sam), well, you have lots to talk about.
And of course when you add three cute, adorable, precious kids with an adoring great-grandmother and great aunt, etc., well, sweetness happens... and smiles abound.
Here are some more pictures that I love. They're from a different night, but I hadn't shown them to you yet.

I just love all those people so much.

Right now my cup is overflowing.

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