Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today was different...

... than I thought it would be.

I was going to do two things: go see SoulShake play in Southlake (that's them on the left (notice the young handsome 'middle man'), then head to the antique mall to play a 'late set' in the tea room....
but I woke up feeling so bad that I didn't do either!

Major headache, and shoulders and back aching big time.

It's been a long time since I've felt that bad. (Life is good.)

Then Sam's back was aching. He could hardly stand up straight. (Now he's in bed sleeping.) (I slept most of the afternoon.)

I ask you, blog readers, could that be a virus???

You all are pretty smart, so let me know.
That makes me think of going to the doctor's office, which makes me think of how I used to want to be a nurse.

I had the Nurse Nancy book (see right), so I had the book and the name, and my Aunt Helen Ruth was a nurse (an R.N.) and since I idolized her, well, it only made sense to want to be a nurse.

My future nursing career was over, though, when I was a freshman in high school.

My twin and I became Candy Stripers.
That's not a picture of us on the left. It's a picture I found when I googled 'Candy Stripers', to show you a picture of what we wore.

Anyway, we were Candy Stripers in the Mission Hospital in Mission, TX. (That is a volunteer organization for girls wanting to help out in hospitals.)

On the very first day I found out that nursing wasn't for me.
We had to empty several bed pans, and feed an old man some oatmeal type stuff.
Ugh.   UGH.

That was it.

On the way home I decided that teaching school was a good dream to have.

Ah, but my son-in-law is a nurse, an R.N.
I so admire him!

I couldn't find a picture of him in his nursing outfit, but this is a good picture....
So you see, he can do more than nurse.  :)
Well, I must be feeling better if I can blog all that.
Oh, there's a new poll up (upper right)... please vote, thanks!
(Don't forget to let me know if you think we have a shoulder/back virus! (or old age?) Thanks.)


Elizabeth H. said...

Almost all of our extended family has had that virus - Susan, Katherine, Dustin & kids, Mere & kids... we don't have it, but they all had terrible aches and cold chills - some with fevers. I do wonder if something like that is going around. I hope y'all feel better!!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Elizabeth.
Somehow it's comforting to know it's a virus or flu - and not old age and/or stress. YES!

Laura said...

Will did a lot of performing this weekend - I saw early morning creatures play in Denton. So good! And I was also feeling crummy on Saturday. Mainly just a headache though, and weak feeling. Slept ten hours last night and now feel lots better!

Nancy said...

Yes, Will did do a lot of performing this weekend.
Glad you're feeling better!

I just looked through Tinsley's wedding pictures... was that YOU doing something at the reception?
It looked like that back was of beautiful you.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I woke up achy yesterday, too. I think it was from sitting in front of a computer for too long on Friday though! I went and got a massage and felt MUCH better, so that's my Rx for you. ;)

Feel better!!

I couldn't be a nurse, but I'm thankful for the people who are!!

Bobbie said...

I always wanted to be a candy striper at the Mission Municipal Hospital! Not sure why I didn't look into it. As a minister, Daddy visited there several times a week. I did become a hospital volunteer in 1983 in north Houston. My first hubby had just left me with a 3 year old and a 6 year old and I was devastated. Thought it would be good to get out of the house and fulfill my candy striper dream! First day, first assignment, I had to push a very very obese man in a wheelchair down to the lobby to be discharged. It took everything I had to push that chair down those long halls. Finally got him in his vehicle and as I turned to push the wheelchair back to its station, one of the other volunteers told me "honey, you didn't take off the brakes." I only lasted one day. Left in tears. Maybe I'll give up the dream!! ps Sorry you've been "illing."


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