Saturday, March 31, 2012

Where would Jesus go?

... this Easter?

Of course we know that Jesus went out of the tomb on Easter... rising from the dead!  (I pray I never treat that knowledge with ho-hum-ness.)

But where would he go this Easter? 

Well, of course, he's with us always and everywhere... (I pray I never treat that knowledge with ho-hum-ness, too.)

But where would he go this Easter, if he had to pick a place?
How about O'Sheas Pub and Grill in Hurst, TX?!
Oh, and he'd do it at night time... well, because they're not open Sunday morning.

That's what Fellowship of the Parks is doing this Tuesday night at 7.... they're having Easter at the Pub.

Oh, and WFAA (Channel 8) is doing a story on it Tuesday morning sometime between 5 and 7 AM ... and there will be folks (like me!) there... Yes, that early.  

And YOU, you're invited!!   You don't have to come in the morning, but that night (this Tuesday) at 7!!
It's at 310 Grapevine Hwy, Hurst, TX 76054, just north of Mid-Cities Blvd.

As Sam just told me, this is what George Whitfield would do back in the Great Awakening and John Wesley would, too.

How exciting!

(If you can't come, please pray for it, that it would be SUPER.  Thanks.)


Laura said...

Cool! What will your church be doing at the pub?

Nancy said...

Actually, Laura, I don't know!!!!
Whatever it is it should be good!!

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