Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Woman of Faith...

Yesterday Mother and I went to McKinney to see cousin Audrey.
She is one amazing person.

If you think you have a rough life, don't.

[Well, some of you do, so it's okay to think that.]

Few people I know, though, have had it as bad as Audrey... and now her husband is in the hospital, and well, who knows when he'll be out.

So Mother and I went to see them. I was so glad Mother felt like going.
(I just wish I had remembered to take a picture!!)

We had a good visit, and as we were driving home, Mother and I both commented on how positive Audrey is. Well, she is a woman of faith, that's for sure.

(We go to cheer her up, and she cheers us up!)

Audrey knows a lot about life: life in prison (unjustly for 3 years); severe autism (her 21 year old son); losing all her fortune, etc., etc.
There's more, but you'll need to read her book, when she finishes it someday.

Oh, and she was one of the founding members of Bear Valley Community Church!!!
That was an amazing feat, since she lived in Garland when we started... AND because of dear Nate, her severely autistic son.

Anyway, pray for Audrey... and Ron (husband of 5? years)... and Nate... and Brandon (her second son).
(Brandon is almost 20, and goes to Collin Community College. He also works for HIRSCH'S MEATS in Plano. He's worked there since he was sixteen, and does everything there: cuts meats, smokes meats, etc., etc. HIRSCH'S MEATS is famous in the Metroplex and has been written up in D Magazine. Click HERE to go to their website.

Oh, Deanna, I haven't forgotten, one of these days let's DO that road trip to see Audrey, and maybe go by and get some good meat!

Different note: I wore my green shoes today in the tea room and played "Danny Boy", "My Wild Irish Rose" and a few other lilting Irish tunes.
(Have to get ready for St. Patrick's Day, don't cha know?)

I know those aren't emerald green shoes, but it's hard to find emerald green shoes.

By the way, I should be playing those Irish tunes on Saturday in the tea room from 12-2 (LoneStar Antiques, 5605 North Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX)... just north of Loop 820 (Exit 19).
If you come in you BETTER be wearing green. (I've been exercising my pinch fingers!)


Deanna said...

Nancy - I so want to see you and visit with you, and go meet Audrey! What has happened with her husband???? He is my FB friend, and if I think about it I haven't seen a post from him for a few days . . . I hope everything is okay! And you will never guess who I "found" on FB . . . CHUCK GOSSETT.

Audrey said...

Hey Nancy, I loved your visit! You and your mom (my dear Aunt Margaret) really brightened my day. There is nothing like the strength of a group of women who encourage one another and pray together.

As far back as I can remember I have thought about how wonderful it is to be born into such a good family. The impact our grandparents had on all of us is enormous. I am really just so grateful. Love to you dear lady and thank you for your kind thought comes to mind and that is found in 1 Corinthians 15:10 and has been restated by John Bradford (I believe)"there but for the grace of God goes I." If I do good, all the credit is due Him, truly!


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