Friday, April 20, 2012

Church lady?

I really looked dressed up in that above picture.
It must have been Mother's Day.  That would explain the red corsage.

That is just one of the many pictures we have of years gone by at Bear Valley Community Church.

That picture was taken at Bransford Elementary, when we were meeting in their cafetorium years ago.

Three of those people - besides me - are going to come to our house tomorrow for a Bear Valley party!!
I can hardly wait.

I have bears as kinds of centerpieces on two tables, but I won't show them to you until a later post. . . when I post about the party.

For which I can hardly wait.

Here's another picture of years gone by ... on a Christmas Eve....
Obviously I like that picture.  (My whole family is smiling at me.)
Well, Sam has been writing his part for our book, and I'm loving it!
He's writing in a different font - and it adds to what I wrote.
Frankly, I thought it might be like building a house together... challenging for a married couple. Ah, but I'm seriously loving what he's added to what I've written.

We have parts of it (ten pages I think) printed out for those who come tomorrow... and one copy of the whole thing on hand (though he hasn't added his part past page 50.)
In case you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a book about starting Bear Valley, and my life as the wife of its starter, the honorable Samuel Carmack V.  (Yes, he's the fifth.  Will is the sixth (Samuel Williams Carmack VI).   (Laura and I are the firsts.)

That's all for now.

Have a good weekend.
Maybe you'll see me? 

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Anonymous said...

Actually, a 1st is so special it can't be repeated.. :-)

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