Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don't be ugly.

I was in Wal-Mart a few weeks back, standing in line to pay.  I looked around (to people watch) and lo and behold there was 'so and so' (I won't mention her name).   I hadn't seen her in years.
I was just about to lose my place in line to go up to her and say 'hello' when I stopped myself.

She was not looking pretty.

Oh her hair looked great, and her makeup, and I think she had some pretty nails on.   But her face was awful.
She was nagging her husband about something.  He was rolling his eyes, and shaking his head 'no'.   And she kept nagging, and looking ugly.
She looked mean.  And mad.  And angry. I thought, "I'll just not say 'hello' today."

 'Course to give her the benefit of the doubt, she may have had a brain tumor that was altering her attitude. Or she may be going through grief of some kind. Or her husband may have been guilty of something horrible, and merited her wrath.
Still, I didn't want to say hello.

My point in this post is obvious: nagging, or being rude, or mean is very unbecoming. It does not win friends and influence people, except in a very negative way.

Here are some quotes I like ...
"A smile raises your face value."
"Cheap facelift: SMILE"
"A smile is the light in the window that tells people you’re at home."
That's all for now.
Thanks for letting me vent.


Susan said...

good post!!

Diana said...

Very good post. A smile goes a long way - sometimes maybe the only smile that person gets that day. On the other side - I've just learned about what affects people and sometimes it stems from being pounded on a daily basis by someone that should otherwise love you...unfortunately it can be a mother or a father - the cycle continues to the next generation. It takes tremendous courage to overcome that type of negativity or to not be affected in someway. Unless you're aware you're repeating history...She must have been berated in the same way she was berating her husband, publicly - its manipulation at its worst.

Nancy said...

Wonderful comment, Diana. So true.

And thanks, Susan.

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