Thursday, April 5, 2012

I can't quite describe it...

... but a weirdness comes over me when I'm aware of others and concerned about what they might be thinking of me.

Years ago I was flying home on an airline and was looking out at the clouds, and earth below me.  (I love having a window seat.)   Anyway, as I was lost in my thoughts about the vast earth, and my huge God, I happened to notice the man right behind me looking at me.  Well, that spoiled the whole experience.  Self-consciousness took over.  The awe and wonder of God's nature was gone.  Well, it was gone in my mind.  It was still there, of course.   I just quit focusing on it. ... And I started feeling weird.

I'm sure I could write more about my self-consciousness, but I'm thinking you know what I mean.

When I let myself enjoy God's beauty ... and bask in his wonder... well, I feel better than when I wonder what someone is thinking about me.

That's my simple honesty today.


Being Beth said...

Yeah, I do that too.

I also like to watch people. Your post made me think that I might make other people self-conscious when I do that. I don't know that I should stop watching, but perhaps I should be aware of how discrete I am while doing it.

Nancy said...

I like to people-watch, too, Beth.
Hmm. Maybe I should be more discreet, too.

Hmm. You're teaching me what I taught you. !!!

Brenda's Blog said...

Interesting post! Makes you think, and all the more reason to smile when you are watching or looking at people I SAY!!! I have learned to not let people make me feel bad in any they do not know my thoughts or life and should not be so quick to judge, as well as I need to do the same for others!!! God prevails in every situation if we allow! Love you Nancy and love your Posts!!!


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