Thursday, April 19, 2012

Like the corners of my mind....

"Mem'ries ... like the corners of my mind..." (I can just hear Streisand singing).
That's what I have... lots of memories. WONDERFUL memories.

20 years ago this very day was the first day of Bear Valley Community Church.   Well, it was the first PUBLIC day. Many months before that we met, praying, planning, and anticipating.
Our first service was in what is now the MOVIE TAVERN in Bedford, which is behind what used to be (until a few weeks ago) Chili's, which had to be demolished because of Highway 183/121 expanding. We met there just one month, and then the fire department told us it wasn't zoned for a church, so we moved to the old movie theater at Northeast Mall in Hurst. (Hurst, evidently, is more lenient on who can have a fire.)
We've written about it in our upcoming book, which is tentatively called BEAR VALLEY AND ME, Life of a Church Planter's Wife. (I say 'we've written it', because I wrote it - and my husband, the church planter - is writing his take in a different font - but it's mainly my story, just-so-you-know.)

This Saturday, April 21 - from 2-4 - you are invited - if you are (or were) at all a part of this wonderful church.
(That's really not our official invitation - we Facebook invited lots of people - which means it is VERY casual, as our invitation was very casual. (Perhaps too casual.)

Anyway, just show up ... and we'll add more Doritos to the Doritos basket. (I always keep lots of Doritos in the pantry.)

Well, I'm writing too much.

Click HERE to see a video from years gone by. (Turn your volume up, to 'feel it'.) (Good music always makes me feel things better.)
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