Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Yesterday was something else.
Not your normal day.

We got up at 4:15 to go to be on Channel 8 news - to promote Easter at the Pub.

Then I had my last day with my trainer, Cyndi, at LifeTime Fitness.
That was sad, though I know I'll be seeing her at the gym to say Hi. Hopefully I will remember all the good stuff she taught me. (I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone.)

Then yesterday afternoon our eyes were glued to the TV.

Tornadoes were in the Metroplex. We were not just given 'Tornado Warnings' but 'Tornado Emergencies'. And the news people had helicopters in the skies showing the tornadoes, and flying truck trailers, etc. And we heard the tornado sirens. And since we (Sam and I) have loved ones all over the Metroplex we were praying they were safe... and they were.

Then last night - while over 200 folks showed up at the pub for Easter services (!!!), we watched the Lady Baylor Bears make history by winning their 40th game in a row and becoming National Champions!!!

And Ken and Pat were in the stands... look closely.....


I think today may be kind of boring.


Anonymous said...

Was today boring?

We were in "duck and cover" mode at school yesterday, but it only ever rained by us. It's weird to think about all that hail and those tornadoes happening around us at the same time.

(Luckily it was when all the English teachers were on conference, so we got to watch the weather broadcast for an hour instead of herding students into the hallway.)

Nancy said...

Yes, yesterday was kind of boring... but boring was good. !!!
I'll take boring over tornadoes!!

Looking forward to shopping Saturday!


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