Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Things Thursday...

This is where I share three random things about myself.... and hopefully get you to share yours. (No pressure.)

1. I love fried oysters,
but have never swallowed
a raw oyster.

(The best place for fried oysters, in my opinion, is Fish City Grill. There's one in Southlake.)

2. My favorite gum is Orbit SweetMint Gum.

3. I chew gum because it helps with my Burning Mouth Syndrome.
I haven't told you, blog reader, about this before (though many of you who read this blog know of my malady).  Anyway, it's not life threatening, just aggravating.

I've had it for over three years now, and chewing gum does seem to help.
I've gone to my dentist, my gynecologist, my general doctor, as well as an oral surgeon, and an upper GI doctor. Though the oral surgeon (in Temple, Scott and White) and the upper GI doctor (also in Temple) are the only ones who've heard of BMS, nothing they've given me seems to help. 

Okay, so those are my 3 things on this Thursday.
I would love to hear yours.

The only rule is they have to be random (though my #2 and #3 are related).

(Oh, you don't have to confess your bodily problems, like I did.)
I've put up a new poll (upper right), though there is still time on my previous poll.
Thanks for voting!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Whimsy Quick...

Today's whimsy is from all over the place...

First, there's this shirt from Wal-Mart that I HAD to have...

The fine print will explain why I HAD to have it...
When I showed the shirt to Sam he said, "That's what I call 'Felt-Need Marketing'."
 (You better go quick! They'll be out of them soon! They have them in red, white and blue. At least they did yesterday.)

At LoneStar Antiques (5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX) I saw this...

I think it has a good price on it...
You better go quick!

Oh, and there are these lovely dishes in Jan's booth...
I forgot to take a picture of their price tag, but I'm sure they'll go soon, they're so pretty.
Better go quick!

Oh, here is another treasure from LoneStar...

Isn't that a lovely chair?
And its sign is reminding us to get out our flip-flops QUICK!!!
Maybe I should say 'QUICKLY'.
In closing, here's what I saw at a red light the other day....
The sticker says, "I heart my dog."
Where can I get one of those??
If anyone deserves to have one of those, it is I.  (Quick!)
Thanks for reading my post today.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life is good.

We had fun yesterday...

And Shiloh and Akon got along...

I have more pictures, but they can wait.
Well, maybe I'll show you this one...
(I keep putting butcher paper down as the table cloth, and sometimes the art work is amazing.)
(I got the butcher-paper-table-cloth idea from Elizabeth a few years back.) (Thanks, Elizabeth! It's the gift that keeps on giving.)
I've put up a new poll that I 'stole' from a personality quiz. It asks lots of questions on "which is your strength?" Today I used the first question on that.
Frankly, I can't decide which of two of those is my strength. Ah, but I won't stress over it.... it's summertime. LET THE STRESS BE LESS!!

Along that line, here is a cartoon I found that I like...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day...

Here is a great cartoon... (Click to make larger.)

Tomorrow we'll enjoying our freedom.
Yesterday our sweet loved ones went and watched the Rangers play.
And, of course, Andrew was saying, "Gig 'em, Rangers!"

Oh, and then Andrew rested....
(Not everybody is that handsome even when they're sleeping.)

Oh, these loved ones are growing watermelons, and squash, and other delights in their backyard...

Here is a growing watermelon.....

Feels like summer!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Quirky Quotes...

"New York is an exciting town where something is happening all the time, most of it unsolved."
-Johnny Carson
"If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?"
- John Cleese
"Always go to other peoples' funerals, otherwise they won't go to yours."
- Yogi Berra, Baseball player
"Television is a medium because anything well done is rare."
- Fred Allen
"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying."
-Woody Allen

I enjoyed those and thought you might, too.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random - Totally

Keller, TX has a Bank of the Ozarks.
When I first saw it on FM 1709 I thought, 'Whoa, am I in Arkansas?'  (I wasn't.) 
On a different note (totally): Victoria Beckham rarely smiles.

(I think she would be happier if she would just 'exercise the corners of her mouth'.)

This makes me think of the world of celebrities.
The older I get the more I see that everyone is human... no matter how gorgeous, how famous, how rich.
Celebrities are just folks.
'Course I've known that all my life, but I seem to know it more and better now.  (Aging is good.)

That brings me to my sermon:
We all need a savior.  A lifeguard.  A messiah.
Islam touts the Prophet Mohammed.  He was just one man.
Mormonism touts Joseph Smith, just one man, with a visit from an angel, and who says the Garden of Eden was in Missouri.  (among other things).   (I'm not saying Mormons aren't loving, kind people.)
Christianity, has more people who 'started it' (besides Jesus) than any 'propaganda' in the world.
Just yesterday it came out that architects found 'proof' of Bethlehem.  (Click HERE for an article on that, in the Los Angeles Times.)  Proof is always being found for Judeo-Christianity.

Oh, and I think that when we get sidetracked by arguing for or against homosexuality, and other stuff, we are TOO sidetracked. 

That's my sermon, of sorts.
I'll preach more later.
On a totally different note....
Click HERE for an article on why you (I) shouldn't take calcium supplements!!!

Well, this has been random - totally.

(When one has a blog, one can put on it whatever one wants.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I walked into Macy's the other day, and whoa: they were (are) doing a theme on Brazil!  And I was glad to see them spelling it like the Brazilians do....

That was all the incentive I needed to show you just a few Brazilian treasures we brought back from Brazil....
Yes, that's a piranha. 

Here are some treasures that look like they're from Brazil, but they're not...
I just love those two birds... and I got them in the mid-80's at Smith's Furniture Store in Hinton, Oklahoma!

 Here's one of my favorite pictures...
My Mother-Margaret painted that! (Soon I'll show you other birds she's painted. They will amaze you.)

Next, here's a frog and some lizards like they have in Brazil....
We got that sly frog in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico just south of Weslaco, TX a few years back. He's supposed to be on the wall, and he once was. He's so breakable, though, that I've let him stay on the ground now.

This next lizard I got at Hobby Lobby, I think....

And this next one I bought at LoneStar Antiques...
They're on the wall in one of our bathrooms. And yes, the wall is painted orange.

Here are some more lizards and stuff, from Hobby Lobby...

Oh, and here is a lizard in a pot, from Nuevo Progresso...
Isn't that a great pot!!!

 I'll close with a picture of Sam in his Brasil shirt (that I bought at Target a few years ago)...
He actually wore that yesterday (with a blazer, and nice pants) to a meeting at B.H.Carroll Theological Institute in Arlington (TX) where a Brazilian was speaking!!!

And on a proud note, BHCTI is having its convocation tonight in Arlington and I'm playing background music at the reception!! I'll be playing a grand piano that Van Cliburn has played.
(Yes. I'm a little awed.) (uh, BIG AWED.) (Well, HUMBLED, for sure.)
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Sunday, May 20, 2012


I looked around on Facebook today (and other places)... and found some super-deluxe pictures.....
(Please don't feel offended if some folks (Jennifer and Marian) have more pictures than others (the rest of you).)
All of those pictures above are the grandchildren of Nana and DaddyBob Carmack. (Those pictures, of course, include the grandchildren's spouses and kids.)

 Here they are with their Nana and DaddyBob at their 50th wedding anniversary...

And here they are even earlier...

Oh, and Nana and DaddyBob have another precious grandchild ...
That's Mac!
 He was too young to be in those photos from years ago. But he'll be in them from now on!!

I just wanted to blog all of that.
It's making me smile big time.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three Things on Thursday...

Here are three random things about me.
(Then I would love it if you told me 3 random things about YOU. - in the comment section here, or on Facebook.) (No pressure.)

1. My favorite dessert is cherry pie a la mode.

2. When I was fifteen I had the chicken pox and was out of school for three weeks. (I won't show you a picture.)

3. I wore my twin sister’s wedding dress at my wedding.  I did have the veil changed, which cost me just 10 dollars.  (That was back in 1978.)

(Sam's already thinking about what 3 things he's going to tell.)

You're next!!!
(Don't think too hard about this.)
(If you can't bring yourself to write them down for me to see, at least think about them. You might find out just how interesting you are!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nancy's News...

Look who graduated!!
That's little Caroline (yesterday)!!  
(We're sorry we couldn't attend!)


And here's some BIG news (that I got off of Facebook (but I actually already knew))....
That's our nephew Justin (Sam's sister's son, in case you didn't know) and his wife Amber.  
I LOVE their 'announcement'!!
Finally, here are some pics from Mother's Day....
We missed Ryan and John and Cap. They wanted to be there, but someone has to earn a living.

 Here's Mother with her TGIF (This Grandmother Is Fabulous) apron.....
I know it's an apron but I think she could wear it to all the time.

 Here's another great picture...(before Mother got the apron...

This next picture is one of my favorite pictures of the day.
I had asked Caroline, Andrew and Anna if one of them would like to sit on my lap and this one said with excitement, "I want to sit on your lap!!"
(Iwas prepared for them to be too busy, which I would have understood.)....
Well, you can see why I was smiling!!

(Don't forget to vote in my poll, upper right.) (Thanks.)

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

I really, REALLY like this... I got this for my birthday! It's a key chain and there is none other like it!! I ADORE IT!! Thank you!!   ...