Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Frandom

That's 'Random' with an F.

First, let me tell you that little Caroline is learning to play the guitar!
And it's not just any guitar! It's the guitar her Grandma Peggy and I would use when we were in high school and college! AND that guitar case is the same guitar case we used!! Whoa.
Anyway, Caroline played the G chord for me!! Whoa.
On a different note, Will and I have been working in the studio on a project. He's the sound engineer...

 And I'm laying down some tracks (I think that's how you say it)...

That studio is above our garage.  

Yes, we live in a dream house.

Here's Sam in his study....

Yes, he's got lots of books.
 (I guess we'll be telling our great-grandchildren what real books were like.)
On a different note,  I spent some time with Andrew and Anna this week, and it was sweet-sweet.

Here are some pics... 
Andrew was super excited when he found out I brought Lunchables.
He asked every 15 minutes if it was lunchtime yet (so I let him eat at 10:45).

 Isn't she precious?

I have more pictures of the royalty of course (OF COURSE), but I will spare you (though it's hard to hold back).
They are such dear children... and the fact that they live just a few minutes away is BEYOND WONDERFUL.  Mmmmm.
You have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kenz is learning how to play guitar, school! She loves it!

And you do have a dream house....and those kids are just precious!!! Too many wonderful things in this post to leave it comment-less.

I had to do my part! :-)


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