Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nancy's News...

Look who graduated!!
That's little Caroline (yesterday)!!  
(We're sorry we couldn't attend!)


And here's some BIG news (that I got off of Facebook (but I actually already knew))....
That's our nephew Justin (Sam's sister's son, in case you didn't know) and his wife Amber.  
I LOVE their 'announcement'!!
Finally, here are some pics from Mother's Day....
We missed Ryan and John and Cap. They wanted to be there, but someone has to earn a living.

 Here's Mother with her TGIF (This Grandmother Is Fabulous) apron.....
I know it's an apron but I think she could wear it to all the time.

 Here's another great picture...(before Mother got the apron...

This next picture is one of my favorite pictures of the day.
I had asked Caroline, Andrew and Anna if one of them would like to sit on my lap and this one said with excitement, "I want to sit on your lap!!"
(Iwas prepared for them to be too busy, which I would have understood.)....
Well, you can see why I was smiling!!

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