Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random - Totally

Keller, TX has a Bank of the Ozarks.
When I first saw it on FM 1709 I thought, 'Whoa, am I in Arkansas?'  (I wasn't.) 
On a different note (totally): Victoria Beckham rarely smiles.

(I think she would be happier if she would just 'exercise the corners of her mouth'.)

This makes me think of the world of celebrities.
The older I get the more I see that everyone is human... no matter how gorgeous, how famous, how rich.
Celebrities are just folks.
'Course I've known that all my life, but I seem to know it more and better now.  (Aging is good.)

That brings me to my sermon:
We all need a savior.  A lifeguard.  A messiah.
Islam touts the Prophet Mohammed.  He was just one man.
Mormonism touts Joseph Smith, just one man, with a visit from an angel, and who says the Garden of Eden was in Missouri.  (among other things).   (I'm not saying Mormons aren't loving, kind people.)
Christianity, has more people who 'started it' (besides Jesus) than any 'propaganda' in the world.
Just yesterday it came out that architects found 'proof' of Bethlehem.  (Click HERE for an article on that, in the Los Angeles Times.)  Proof is always being found for Judeo-Christianity.

Oh, and I think that when we get sidetracked by arguing for or against homosexuality, and other stuff, we are TOO sidetracked. 

That's my sermon, of sorts.
I'll preach more later.
On a totally different note....
Click HERE for an article on why you (I) shouldn't take calcium supplements!!!

Well, this has been random - totally.

(When one has a blog, one can put on it whatever one wants.)


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