Friday, May 4, 2012

Taking It Easy Tear...

First let me tell you this...
Some of you haven't told me which picture you like in my previous post.  (It's never too late to do that, by the way.  And you can be anonymous.)

I would like to tell you now MY pick for the best.
When I saw the very first comment (from Deanna), I thought, 'oh my, my pick will be everybody's pick!'

Ah, but it wasn't.  (I'm glad we're not all alike.)

And yes, Deanna's pick was my pick!....

And yes, that is a Norman Rockwell (down on the right side you can kind of see his name).
On a different note, I was getting ready to play in the tea room yesterday, and suddenly got so sick (tummy, etc.).  If you came to hear me, my apologies.  (I was scheduled on my website's calendar and knew there might be one of you there (Julie)... and well, I must take a rain check on that.)
I'm feeling better now, but will take it easy today.

Just writing those words, 'will take it easy today', made me feel good.

I do live a wonderful life.  I can take it easy whenever.
I hope that doesn't give you a pang of envy.
I can see how it would.

I know some of you are out there working hard for the money... and coming home exhausted... and facing household chores, and yuck,... and then have to get up the next morning to do it all over again.

I hope you find time to take it easy.

And make it easy on yourself.

Writing this makes me think of when we came back to the States from living in Brazil.
It seems we got off the plane at DFW, went to eat Mexican food with our loved ones (wonderful!)..... and then, we were immediately back in the rat race.

It seemed as if Americans were just going fast everywhere... and always tired.... and stressed.... and I was ready to go back where they celebrated siestas everyday ('sestas' in Portuguese.)
And where everyone didn't have to be in perfect fashion, and live in perfect decor.

(Oh, did you know that Nigerians have a term for Americans: 'the people who are always going around in circles'.)

Pretty appropriate, I'd say.  

Oh and it was soon after we got back from Brazil that I realized I needed to never buy a woman's magazine again.  Too much advice from too many experts.... on how to do anything and everything, including relax.

Geez. I've gotten on a 'tear' today.   (pronounced 'tare')

I better close.

Try to take it easy!!



Elizabeth H. said...

I'm glad you went on this tear. :)
I needed to hear it because I was just thinking today that I am ALWAYS thinking about where to go next, when I don't even need to go anywhere! Its our culture and its exhausting!! So, I left Target and decided to just come HOME. And here I am. :)

Nancy said...

Thanks for that comment, Elizabeth!

I'm glad you went home.
I hope your feet are up! :)

laura said...

I'm in a season of that right now -- being able to take it easy just any ol' day I choose -- like being able to go camping on a wednesday. I know it won't last forever though, so I'm trying to savor it.


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