Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Things Thursday...

This is where I share three random things about myself.... and hopefully get you to share yours. (No pressure.)

1. I love fried oysters,
but have never swallowed
a raw oyster.

(The best place for fried oysters, in my opinion, is Fish City Grill. There's one in Southlake.)

2. My favorite gum is Orbit SweetMint Gum.

3. I chew gum because it helps with my Burning Mouth Syndrome.
I haven't told you, blog reader, about this before (though many of you who read this blog know of my malady).  Anyway, it's not life threatening, just aggravating.

I've had it for over three years now, and chewing gum does seem to help.
I've gone to my dentist, my gynecologist, my general doctor, as well as an oral surgeon, and an upper GI doctor. Though the oral surgeon (in Temple, Scott and White) and the upper GI doctor (also in Temple) are the only ones who've heard of BMS, nothing they've given me seems to help. 

Okay, so those are my 3 things on this Thursday.
I would love to hear yours.

The only rule is they have to be random (though my #2 and #3 are related).

(Oh, you don't have to confess your bodily problems, like I did.)
I've put up a new poll (upper right), though there is still time on my previous poll.
Thanks for voting!!


Teressa said...

Hey, Nancy! I've had problems with severe dry mouth (since chemo) and have had great relief from oral products made with Xylitol. I don't know if it would help with burning mouth, but a good thing about it is that the Xylitol form of sugar doesn't cause cavities, and is actually supposed to help prevent cavities.

Being Beth said...

Here are my three random things:

1. I only learn how to use electronic technology on an as needed basis.

2. I love to write using a dip pen and bottle of ink.

3. I chew B-Fresh gum. It uses Xylitol, has no corn products, includes vitamin B-12 for a little boost. They have lots of flavors including bubble gum, and the flavor lasts a long time. Vitamin Shoppe carries it.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, it's so hard to think of things that are "random" about yourself (for me, anyway) ...

1) I love to go to restaurants by myself and read. I do this at least once a week-- if I don't, my week feels off because I haven't made time for myself.

2) My absolute favorite dish is any type of Thai curry-- spicy curry mixed with sweet coconut milk, chicken and veggies. I get this at least once a week too!

3) I do not like anything that's mint flavored. When I chew gum, I only chew cinnamon flavors.

Bailey Jo

Nancy said...

Thanks Teressa and Beth!
I'm going to get some of the mouth products with Xylitol.... thanks to you!!!

Nancy said...

Very interesting, Bailey Jo.

I think it's great that you go to restaurants by yourself and read.
Keep that up.

(Keep taking care of yourself!)


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