Friday, June 15, 2012

Feeling good.

I've had some pictures I haven't shared, so today I'm going to post them.
They just make me feel good to look at them.
They're from Memorial Day...

That precious dog is Akon, my granddog. He is such a good boy.
Here are some pictures from inside, after we ate.... 
I'd already posted about this, but I hadn't shown you all the pictures.

 Here are some more...

That last face was the one Will drew. 
 Should that be disturbing?

Or fantastic? 

On a different note, Sam and I have been faithful to go to the gym at least 3 times a week (since January). And we're eating better. All of that means that we are feeling better!!! Oh, and we've both lost some weight!!
I'm going to give myself an ATTA-GIRL for that!!!

Oh, but on Sunday we're celebrating Father's Day AND our 34th wedding anniversary at Joe T. Garcia's. And I will NOT be on a diet then. (We always waddle out of Joe T's.)

(In case you don't know about Joe T. Garcia's, well, you must click HERE and find out about it.)

I will close with this wonderful picture...


Bobbie said...

I so badly want to go to Joe T's. My daughter and SIL always say "it's not that great." Don't care. I WANT TO GO THERE!!!!! That picture is probably my favorite meal in the whole wide world. Every time we go on a cruise, we head to our little Mexican food joint in La Grange the night after we return. I still miss those fabuloso meals at Palmetto Inn in McAllen - got me hooked at age 7 !

Nancy said...

Thanks for your comment, Bobbie.
Joe T.'s food is good, I think, but probably no better than lots of other places. I just love the atmosphere.
(Well, I do love the food... oh and their nachos are fantastic!! - and they come with the family style meal. YUM!!!)

Oh, and Palmetto Inn was my most favorite place to eat Mexican food.... ever. I LOVED GOING THERE. There has never, EVER been a Mexican restaurant better than Palmetto Inn!!

Laura said...

Memorial Day was so fun! And that's awesome you have been so consistent since January! I cannot say the same of myself ...

Looking forward to tomorrow!!


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