Friday, June 29, 2012

My gift...

Sam gave me a very unique anniversary gift.

After he'd handed out the letters and CDs to the Joe.T. Garcia's group, (Click HERE if you haven't (and you'd like to) read about that) he told the group that he had one last gift, because it was our anniversary.  He then began telling about our first date.

We went to a Baylor football game. (We're both Baylor grads.) His family was (is) really into Baylor, and at the first home game of the season would often have a big family reunion in the game room of the apartment complex they owned in Waco.  And that was the game we went to... so after the game I got to meet the whole family.... and extended family.  They were all very friendly and I was impressed.
Anyway, during the course of the family reunion meal at the apartment after the game, I ran into some old friends who lived in that apartment complex and whose wedding I played the piano at and sang a song I'd written.  Long story short, they invited us to their apartment and asked that I play and sing that song.   So I did, having no idea what my date might think of that.
WELL, turns out my date really liked it!!!

Fast forward: We're sitting at Joe T. Garcia's June 17, 2012 and Sam is telling them about this... and how impressed he was with me on that first date(!!!!), and well, he said he remembered that my playing that song touched him so much... and since he wanted to give me a gift, and he'd given everybody a CD that day (June 17), he wanted to give me a special CD.
He chose "Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack.
He told of how the lyricist of that song heard Don McLean play a song at lounge, or bar, and it just touched her so much she wrote a poem about how it touched her...  and it resulted in the beautiful "Killing Me Softly".
Now my song was NOT AT ALL  about what that song is about... but Sam said it (my song) touched him so much... that well, the story behind "Killing Me Softly" came to mind... so he gave me the CD of "Killing Me Softly". 

Wow.  And Sam got teary when he was telling me (and the group) about all this.

How sweet is that????!!!!!!

Here's the song.... 


sara [at] journey of doing said...

That Sam, he's definitely a keeper. ;)

How sweet is that entire day?? What an incredible Father's Day gift from an incredible Father/husband!

Nancy said...

Yes, Sara, that was a wonderful entire day.... and I'm going to keep that Sam-man!!!

(You always write great comments! Thanks!)

Elizabeth H. said...

Wow!! What an amazing story. I love hearing it in two parts - how he gave the gifts to his children and then this one to you. What a special memory!

Anonymous said...

All true... and her music still "kills me softly." - Sam

Pat said...

I remember that First Date and how sweet we thought you were and how much we liked you. Glad you married into our family!!!

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